The Living Floor


The inspiration behind “The Living Floor” was to create an innovative indoor farming system that is integrated into the unused space beneath raised floors. Many large buildings have raised floors, including the MIT Stata Center. This space can be used for bringing in greenery and new technologies in indoor farming to enhance the already existing space without intruding on potentially needed area in the building. The initial design is based around a frame that is the size of a floor tile. The plants are held in pipes where water and nutrients flow, utilizing the Nutrient Film Technique (N.F.T.) hydroponic system. The plants would be  lit by LEDs from above, and the surrounding area beneath the floor houses the electronic components, the water tank, and pumping system. This system would grow leafy greens due to the limited root space.

Spring ’15

Photographs by Larry Sass

Software: 3DS Max, Mental Ray, Photoshop, Rhinoceros