Video Reel & Texture Map Examples

Digital Matte Painting

The digital matte painting below was created using Adobe Photoshop to make the elements and Autodesk Maya for the animated effects. The image shows the output after Photoshop editing and the video is the final result.

Panoramic 360 Architectural Model

In my coursework for Architecture in Motion Graphics at MIT, I got the opportunity to learn how to create a panoramic rendering using 3DS Max and Vray software to showcase a project. I decided to showcase the exterior and interior of the building by moving a camera through the project.

After Effects

I tested out different types of effects in Adobe After Effects to gain some skills using a new software. The video below shows one example of the capabilities of After Effects to make interesting visuals for many different uses.

Texture Maps

Using a model snail from TurboSquid, I created my own texture map to make the snail look more realistic. The two images below show the initial model and the results of the texture map in Autodesk Maya.

The following images show the actual rendered images of the snail, which really emphasizes the texture of the materials that I created for the snail.

Summer ’16 – Fall ’16

Software: Rhinoceros, Vray, Autodesk Maya, 3DS Max, Mental Ray Render, Adobe Photoshop, After Effects