Trade show & Event Parts

The Digital Factory was an event which showcased a factory-style workflow involving the production of an object. Formlabs partnered with The Public Radio and Tulip to create this workflow. I designed and printed all of the radio knobs that were distributed at the event. There were three different colors of knobs to showcase the Formlabs color kit resin. Each color had four permutations of the design – throughout the day, the knobs were replaced with the following permutation so that attendees would receive a variant on the design depending on the time of day that they participated in the factory.

For AMUG 2019, I executed the fabrication of a part wall display, from painting and finishing the wood panel to adhering the 3D printed parts, as well as adding the vinyl cut text. The final result was a panel that showcased the variety of parts and applications that Formlabs materials and printers can produce.

In collaboration with the design team at Formlabs, I helped to organize and execute a large scale print project for use at several tradeshows (CES 2020 and others). I worked with design team members to finalize the layout of the printed parts. I then delegated (and contributed to) the production of over 1,000 parts for the wall displays. The parts were attached to the walls by a third party fabricator. The displays included a wall of bones printed in three different colors to represent the healthcare industry, a parts wall showcasing user stories and final products of some of Formlabs’ main professional users, and a wall of fully 3D printed lithophanes highlighting the people behind the products.


Design & Layout of parts by Ashley Marshall (AMUG 2019 Project & CES 2020 Project)

Photographs by Geoff Fosbrook, Alyx Daly, and Nick Brewer

Retouching by Lizzie Gourlay

Tools: Rhino3D, Formlabs Form 2 & Form 3

All photographs belong to Formlabs and/or the respective photographers.