Mojo is an early stage start-up project from MIT that is focused on creating dynamic lighting solutions and easy user control. The project team needed a logo, which I developed to their specifications.


Mojo also developed a custom light panel for a local coffee shop, Darwin’s Ltd on Mass Ave in Cambridge. The lights were a temporary installation that allowed people to toggle between different visualization modes. I designed the lighting panels and also helped fabricate the final design using laser cutting and hand tools.

I developed additional concept art for Mojo to use in future pitch decks and conversations with potential clients. The images below show the potential forms that mojo can take, which can then be controlled using Mojo’s user interface.

Original Background Image from Grits and Grids –¬†

I also created a UX mockup of a potential app for controlling mojo units and light fixtures. To access the full prototype, click HERE.

Mojo is an ongoing project developed by current MIT students and alumni.

Summer ’17 – Present

Software: Rhinoceros 3D, Adobe Photoshop, Vray, Adobe Experience Design, Adobe Illustrator

Tools: Epilog Laser Cutter