Folding Construction


This project was inspired by paper folding techniques and pop-up books our group remembered from our childhoods. The goal was to create a large scale installation while exploring material properties. We assembled a structure using simple folding as the main construction technique. Using sheets of 4 by 8 feet polypropelene, we constructed an intricate tower with a total height of fifteen feet. We used a CNC machine to create the cuts in the plastic sheets. The individual elements follow a classic pop-up book folding technique, and are then stacked and intersected with one another to provide structural support. This folding and interlocking method allows for the construction of a tower of such height from sheets that are only 1/8” thick.

Spring ’15

Group: Sofie Belanger, Johanna Greenspan-Johnston, Marco Rosero, Anthony Kawecki

Tools: CNC Machine

Photographs by Anthony Kawecki and Skylar Tibbits