City at Night

The photo series “City at Night” was an exploration of I took these long exposure photographs at night, walking between Cambridge and Boston. The car lights provide a dynamic streak across the image that adds movement and interest.

Milk Drop

The Edgerton Center at MIT is one of the places famous for milk drop photographs, and I had the opportunity to take some of my own. These photographs were taken using a dropper and strobe photography, as well as milk and some food dye. Each image is taken at a different stage in the drop progression.

Urban Wildlife

For my photography class, I decided to challenge myself by taking portraits of animals seen around the city. These were taken near Fenway, by the park. To get images so close, I used a zoom lens so I could stand farther away, but still get details of the animals in the photographs. The photo series is black and white to show the contrast between the textures in the photographs.


Spring ’17

Equipment Used: Nikon D3400 Camera

Software: Adobe Photoshop